The stars you see in the night sky all vary in colour, this is a direct relationship to there temperature. The same way you see a candle burning with a yellow flame indicates a cooler temperature to your gas ring on your oven burning blue, a hotter temperature.

The chart below gives the temperatures of stars in the night sky and the class each star belongs to. 0 Kelvin = -273.15C or -459.67F

Class of Star Temperature Range (Kelvin) Sample Star
O 100,000 - 30,000 Alnitak (Orion)
B 25,000 - 12,000 Achernar (Eradinus)
A 11,000 - 8,000 Vega (Lyra)
F 7,800 - 6,200 Procyon (Ursa Minor)
G 6,000 - 4,600 Our Sun
K 4,900 - 3,350 Aldebaran (Taurus)
M 3,400 - 2,600 Betelgeuse (Orion)
Night sky image of Taurus, which is a winter constellation. Aldebaran is the orange coloured star at the bottom, the pleides are to the left shining blue/white.



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